DoubleSquare Networks Inc. is an industry and innovator in the field of Security and Surveillance Systems, Wireless Communication, Fibre Optic Cabling and Equipments and Electronic Equipments. The value we can provide extends well beyond safety issues, to operational, merchandizing, productivity and customer service enhancements.

The increasing need of security, monitoring and controlling remotely homes, wide or small businesses, infrastructures and facilities are aspects of growing concern for private people, companies and institutions of any kind, as well as all types of communities.

Thus, our goal is to provide a smart and cost- effective solution by offering scalable security and communication solutions which would efficiently and effectively support the protection and preservation of properties, that allows to identify and detect intruders, raise alarms and communicate them to local or remote operators in real time, control processes and tasks, as well as manage equipment and devices remotely.

We firmly believe that our ultimate goal is to pursue cooperation and achieve results in the best interest of both sides. Therefore, our philosophy for cooperation is to attain fast-growing relationship with our clients.

Our Company, a Authorized distributor of Ubiquiti Networks products, MikroTik RouterBoard products, RF Elements, Deliberant Wireless, Mimosa Networks and Cambium Networks. We are also a certified training partner for Ubiquiti Networks Training Academy, MikroTik Certified Training Partner.

DoubleSquare Networks provides cost effective wireless networking and cctv ip video surveillance solutions. Whether you are a WISP, a hot-spot provider, systems integrator or are embarking on the latest Wireless quest in Remote Monitoring & Control, Wireless Back-hauling, Security and Surveillance or Smart Grid and Utilities, we have a solution for you.

As distributors, we offer a complete line of products and custom solutions for wired and wireless networking systems and components, including routers, antennas, backhaul equipment, power supplies, and radios in licensed and Un-licensed frequencies.

As consultants, we offer a full spectrum of network engineering services, with in-depth expertise for Data Center Network Design, Call Center Network Design Wireless and Video Surveillance solution design and deployment, Having the experience of design and deployment of hotspots combined with the distribution rights of some of the most cost-effective broadband solutions available, we have all that is needed to build a solution that is cost-effective, responsive and reliable.

We make it easy to choose the right technical support solutions to fit your business needs. We are one of the most established and trusted IT managed services and computer networking providers.

Our services, networking, and data backup provide small-to-mid sized businesses with the same superior quality and technical expertise found in the IT departments of major corporations.

We also provide IT managed service options and comprehensive computer support, Fast response - remote and on-site, Consulting and Design, Dedicated MikroTik Server using MikroTik Core Routers, Network design, implementation and management, Structured Cabling Systems, Wireless solutions, VPN and Remote Access Setup, Hotspot Billing System, Network Monitoring Software.

Our clients are varies from Private Sectors, WISPs, Cable Operators, Local Government Units and Government Organizations.